It has long been a rumor that women who develop stretch marks either have to spend a great deal of money on products or procedures to reduce the appearance of their stretch marks or just live with the unattractive scars. Well the good news is there is a way that you can reduce or completely eliminate your stretch marks and you will see it today! So, hold on and here we go. 

If you are anything like me, I dreaded them- and for good reasons! So, immediately after I found out I had some working on me, I set out to find out the truth about stretch marks and what I could do to avoid them. After weeding through a TON of information, it all pointed to one, very discouraging conclusion- they are unavoidable, especially if your skin type is prone to stretch marks (thanks dad). Not exactly what I wanted to hear- isn’t there some magic potion or something?

Well, one thing I also found is the famous saying "prevention is the best medicine" proves to be the best cure to fight the appearance of stretch marks, that if I was consistent and used the right combinations, it would give me the best fighting chance against stretch marks. I had nothing to lose and decided to give it a try. 

Before getting down to making this magical mixture let's look into a couple of things first:

Why do we get these bothersome lines?

Stretch marks are lines that form when your skin stretches rapidly, whether it's from pregnancy, sudden weight gain or loss, intense physical activity, or rapid growth. Stretch marks are actually tears that form in the tissue that supports the skin and help it to stretch. They are a form of scarring on the skin. However, there is a way that you can go through all these life events and not receive a single one of these lines on your body. It turns out it's not as hard as you may think. 

Okay, now that we got that out of the way, let's see what you will need: 

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter: 

Cocoa butter is the best known home remedy cream for stretch marks.
Application of this cream firms and tones up the skin all while keeping it adequately hydrated. Enzymes in cocoa butter also help reduce damage to the skin tissue. It hydrates the skin turning dry skin into smooth and soft with a light natural glow, providing an aromatherapy effect.

Wheat Germ Oil: 

Wheat germ oil is credited as nature's richest source of vitamin E. The benefits of vitamin E are wide ranging, but one of its well documented uses is in skin care, because of its high concentration of vitamin E.  Wheat germ oil promotes skin cell formation, is beneficial in preventing and diminishing the appearance of stretch marks and other types of scars, as well as renews moisture to the skin evening out your skin tone, making it one powerful antioxidant. 

Almond Oil: 

Almond oil is an excellent emollient and moisturizer.  As an emollient it nourishes and softens the skin helping to keep it smooth to the touch.  This composition is beneficial to protecting and conditioning your skin,  by helping the skin stay healthy. As it promotes a youthful skin complexion, what more could you want out of a simple oil? 

You will also need a clear bottle. 

So without further word, let's get down to fighting these lines and not allow them to make a home on any part of our body any longer (another positive is this mixture will last you a couple months).
This blend of oils packs a serious punch to preventing and fighting off stretch marks (amen). 
The ratio I use is 1/2 cocoa butter, 1/4 almond oil, and 1/4 wheat germ oil. Sometimes I throw in a little olive oil for good measure. So, get the clear bottle ready…
First pump the cocoa butter in. I found that it mixes with the oils better if it goes in first. Why, I don’t know.
Next, the almond and wheat germ oil…
And finally, if you like, you can add some essential oil in to enhance the effect (and smell) even more. I chose French lavender, since the smell is not only agreeable but is relaxing. 
This is what you will get. Lovely, I know. The price we pay for beauty!
Shake vigorously. WARNING: be sure to put your finger over the lid- otherwise you may inadvertently spill the lotion all over the place. Been there, done that. This is what the finished product will look like:
Use twice daily, preferably after showers when your skin is still moist and will soak it up best. I apply it to my chest, stomach, sides, lower back, bum, and thighs. 

In summary, the best guidelines I have found to prevent stretch marks are the following:

1. A good diet and exercise:

The best way to prevent and treat your stretch marks begins with a healthy diet. Using good judgement and making wise choices when it comes to picking the right foods to eat is not only important for stretch marks but for your overall health. Eating foods rich in essential fatty acids and protein such as fish, fruits, nuts (as they are rich in zinc), fish liver oils and vegetables will, in turn, make your skin become tighter, softer and healthier everyday. Having a rich supply of Vitamin E and C to your diet will promote tissue growth. A balanced diet which includes these essential foods can keep your skin healthy and help prevent and heal stretch marks as well as a host of other cosmetic problems, so come on ladies, adding these simple things to our diet isn't that hard.

I cannot stress to you how important exercising is for your body. Our bodies were created to move and need to be exercised regularly in order to tone our muscles to keep our skin firm thus preventing stretch marks. 

    2. Stay hydrated:

    The first step to begin eliminating stretch marks is to work from the inside out, drinking a sufficient amount of water is critical. Water will help maintain the elasticity of your skin and is THE BEST thing you can do for your body. It ensures that your tissues are properly hydrated and helps your body rid itself of unwanted toxins, 6-10 glasses a day girls! I found it handy to invest in a nice water bottle and carry it with me throughout the day, to ensure I get the proper amount of water daily. 
    3. Use the brew. 

    Using this lotion that we created above has been beneficial on my own body, I have seen a dramatic difference, thankfully never having dry, itchy skin. Also, giving myself the best chance to avoid stretch marks. Do not wait until they start showing- the earlier you start the better! The key is to be CONSISTENT, applying it morning and night. 

    Give it a shot, so we can leave our bodies stretch mark free, what do you have to lose? Fortunately, this mixture in inexpensive, in comparison to costly prescription creams, and is easy to make. I sincerely hope you will find that this meets your needs to maintain a healthy body.