Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Benefits of Coconut Oil

Natural Beauty Article: The Benefits of Coconut Oil

If you are anything like me having a million different bottles of beauty products overflowing on your vanity can be a pain, downsizing your beauty clutter may sound ideal, but who wants to risk sacrificing radiant skin and silky hair for a little organization? Fortunately there is a single item that can replace a handful of those products and better yet, it is one hundred percent natural: coconut oil.

I have compiled ten ways for you to skip the beauty middle-man (and harsh chemicals) and create a brand new beauty routine centered around coconut oil.

1: It is a top quality moisturizer. Coconut oil has a high moisture retaining capacity, which acts as an excellent source to fight dry skin. Make a moisturizing body scrub by blending coconut oil with sugar.

2: Helps in the battle of aging. Wrinkle- free yes, please.

3: Coconut oil is one of the best oils for removing your makeup. It is perfect for removing stubborn eye makeup. You can even use it to clean all of your makeup brushes.

4: It is the perfect tool to use to penetrate into your locks, giving you a deep condition and regaining shine. Leave it on your hair over night and wash it out in the morning. It will help repair any damaged hair.

5: Get smooth and silky legs by replacing your shaving cream with coconut oil. It will make your legs hydrated without being greasy.

6: Treat dandruff and frizzy hair by applying directly to your dry scalp.

7: Fight acne with coconut oil’s antibacterial properties by combining it with baking soda to create an exfoliating scrub. This will help your skin to heal quickly.

8: Make your very own all-natural toothpaste. Mix baking soda with coconut oil and get the creamy texture you are used to, without the chemicals.

9: Natural deodorant! You are probably thinking “no way” but it can be used to kill body odor. Who knew?

10: Coconut oil is perfect for cleaning your face after a long day, since it is antibacterial. Massage into your skin and wash off the residue with your regular cleanser. It will improve the quality and appearance of your skin by eliminating dead skin cells. Making you look younger and healthier.


  1. I agree with you, we can get younger skin after sleeping with the help of some skin treatments like this: oil, lotions, and massage etc..Thanks for the sharing this beauty tips with us.
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    1. I am so happy to hear that you liked the article. I found that using natural items is the best way to take care of your body now and down the road!

  2. Thanks for sharing the uses of coconut oil. It really helps in our day to day life.

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    1. I am so happy to hear you liked the article! Thank you for taking the time to read it.

  3. Thank you for sharing, I have been using it for a while now and have experienced all these benefits. My skin and hair looks amazing, do much better than any lotion or moisturizer. I even put it in hot cup of water before bed and in my coffee. I have not tried it as a toothpaste though, will do that next...I cook with it and use it daily for almost everything requires oil. It replaced olive oil for me. Eggs are amazing cooked with coconut oil. Thanks for the information.

    1. I am so happy to hear that you liked the article. The benefits to using coconut oil are endless. Stayed tuned for future articles that will be coming out. I am planning on featuring different kinds of oils and how you can use them.

  4. I've been using coconut oil for decades. It's really effective and I don't need to buy beauty products with lots of harsh chemicals in it. I love to use it for my long black hair. It makes my hair silky smooth and very resistant to breakage.

  5. I agree with you, coconut oil is good for skin also remove Wrinkles.

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  6. Definitely, that's an excellent recommendation and tips. Coconut oil is abundant and easy to get.

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  16. Can we leave coconut oil on our face over night?

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